About FOUQUET SACOP : For 60 years the French company FOUQUET SACOP has developed a coastal trade in oil products throughout the Mediterranean. The company recently has known a geographical expansion and now employs its fleet worlwide.

About PETROMARINE : Born out of a group with almost 60 years of experience in maritime transportation, PETROMARINE was founded in 1966 for the development of the coastal oil trade in West Africa. Since then, the company has developed into a geographically diversified company with vessels throughout the world. Such long experience in coastal oil trade enabled the company to improve on their clients expectations by proposing solutions adapted to their needs.

A common future :  : From 2007, the activities of SEA-tankers controls a fleet ranging from 1500 to 20 000 dwt, specialized in the transport of petroleum and chemicals products. SEA-tankers is ISO-certified 9001. Ships are classified by the Bureau Veritas.
The fleet is managed by ST Management based in Bordeaux (Mérignac).
The company has firmly based its strategy on the quality of its services, which results from its large investment in human resources and equipment.

Head Office

SEA-tankers/ST Management head office

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